Robert Barrett Painting “Gluttony”

Robert Barrett, Artist painting on Gluttony

“Seven Deadly Sins” artist, Robert Barrett, at work on “Gluttony”, one of seven paintings in the series.  All seven paintings will be on exhibit this October in Rancho Mirage, CA at THE RIVER Gallery.  This will be the first exhibit of Roberts artwork in 22 years.  While not at the easel, Robert Barrett had a highly successful career in cultural tourism.  While in Los Angeles, Rancho Mirage, California and also while a Museum Director at the Fresno Art Museum, the economic impact of Robert Barrett’s career can be measured in Billions of dollars for all of Southern California in terms of jobs, tourism income and revenue to cultural organizations.  It was Robert Barrett who coined the phrase, “Los Angeles, the cultural capital of the 21st Century”, an accomplishment for all in Southern California still saluted on University of Southern California radio station, KUSC.